Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time to be creative again

Hello sweet friends - -

I've been thinking for a while about wanting to take my site, Angel Wings Cottage, in a new direction. In years past, back in the 80's and early 90's I was really into creating crafts and pretties. Back then it was lots of country stuff - - and Victorian things. I also made some jewelry. I did lots of craft shows.

I have been feeling a real need lately to get back into my creative side. I made a few Valentine cards last Thursday and listed them at midnight on my site for Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink. Imagine my delight when I awoke early Friday morning to see that someone had purchased them!!

Then today I was reading a post from a lovely blog that I visit, The Feathered Nest, and Dawn was talking about just that very thing. About how she thinks that it feels so good to be creating. So . . . maybe that was just the push I needed to try my hand at creating again. So . . . be sure and check back at Angel Wings Cottage in the near future as I get to know my "crafty" side again!


  1. Cindy, it's great to see you posting again. Your cards are lovely. It's so fun to wake up and find sales in our inbox. Let's see more of your work!

  2. Beautiful job on those cards Cindy. I am working on a post about just that! Creative inspiration. Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Dawn is amazing, huh? Your designs are lovely!!!

    M ^..^