Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sorry I've been away for a while - - - -

Hello sweet friends - -
~I'm so sorry I've been away for a while. We have had a family situation we have been going through. Things are looking a little better now. I am trying to get back into the swing of things here at the cottage. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time away~
~We have also been working for over a month with handymen, painters, carpenters, tile layers, etc as we are trying to get our home ready to put on the market. We adore our home and hate to have to sale - - but my poor knees simply can't take climbing the stairs much longer - - so we are going to be building a one story cottage~
~Isn't it something how you can live with things not being "perfect" - - but when you get ready to turn your home over to strangers everything has to be just so-so! :O) ~
~We've added a "clearance sale - 50% off & more" category at the cottage - - be sure and stop by and take a look before everything is gone~
~I hope you are all having a lovely weekend - - we have enjoyed listening to two sweet doves cooing in our backyard all morning~
~Talk to you soon ~ Cindy ~

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink

~One of a Kind Treasures~

Hello sweet friends - -

~Please join us at Make Mine Pink on Friday as we present "One of a Kind Treasures"~

~I enjoyed getting back into my crafty side and making a few things to offer you this week~

~I have two pretty framed prints that I have embellished with glitter accents~

~One is a sweet little bird and the other is a "Marie Antoinette" style lady~

~Check out my Pink Friday category at the cottage to see what else I have to offer this week~

~Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather - - have a great weekend~

~Talk to you soon ~ Cindy~

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Spring Pretties at the Cottage

Hello sweet friends -

~I've been busy getting some new pretties ready for our "March Into Spring" Shop Hop at Make Mine Pink. Be sure to register and play. There will be lots of really neat prizes~

~Stop in and check out what's hopping with all the new items in the Easter Pretties category. I've also added pretty glittered plaques to the Cottage Decor category~

~Hope you're enjoying a little bit warmer weather where you are. Here in Arkansas we've had another cold spell - - but warmer weather is on the way this week~

~Please take a look and let me know if I can do anything for you~

~Happy Spring~

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink - - Linens & Lace

Hello sweet friends - -

Please join us at Make Mine Pink on Friday, February 27, 2009 as we present Linens and Lace.

Linens and lace tenderly woven into the fabric of a life. They first surround when we are wrapped in the heirloom christening gown. Yellowed by time but preserved with love, brought out on a day that is filled with expectant joy. A treasure carefully saved by a mother in each generation, along with the hope for a beautiful life to come. The simple elegance of linens and lace remains in our memories -later we're struck by the beauty of a simple lace hankie that catches our eye, lying in a grandmother's lavender-scented drawer. Linens and lace carefully collected and stored within a handmade cedar chest, for yet another day of joyful expectation. Feelings of love and anticipation lie behind each piece a young girl selects to adorn her one-day home with grace. She envisions a future life of bliss as she tenderly folds every piece and stores it away, to lie patiently in wait for its turn to come. Linens and lace draped over a vintage boudoir chair, in the corner of a quite room. Perhaps it is a small piece of handmade lace, or perhaps it is a layer, that found its way into her bridal gown. She thinks of the women who have worn linens and lace before her on a day like this. A precious object of beauty... delicate and strong, as she herself is. In the kitchen where she works to care for her family, she has hung the first curtains of spring. Linens and lace swaying gently in the breeze, while the sunlight dances through their intricate designs.

Here are some of the things that I am offering at the cottage this week - come take a look

Monday, February 23, 2009

Things are hopping at the cottage this week

Hello sweet friends - -

It's time for "show and tell" at Make Mine Pink. I wanted to show all of you some sweet little Easter goodies I'll be adding to the cottage later this week. I just love Easter time - - - a time for a new beginning - - fresh start. Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year! What season is your favorite? Hop on over to the cottage in a day or two and see if there is something springy you just can't live without!
Have a blessed week!
Cindy O.
p.s. The sweet framed bunny in the first picture is one of my favorite things in my home! My hubby purchased it for me from a sweetie named Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits. She loves rabbits and so do I!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink - - French Farmhouse

Hello sweet friends - -

It's time for "Pink Friday" again at Make Mine Pink. This weeks theme is "French Farmhouse". Please check out all the shops to see what they are offering.

I had lots of fun rounding up some things to offer in this category. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time to be creative again

Hello sweet friends - -

I've been thinking for a while about wanting to take my site, Angel Wings Cottage, in a new direction. In years past, back in the 80's and early 90's I was really into creating crafts and pretties. Back then it was lots of country stuff - - and Victorian things. I also made some jewelry. I did lots of craft shows.

I have been feeling a real need lately to get back into my creative side. I made a few Valentine cards last Thursday and listed them at midnight on my site for Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink. Imagine my delight when I awoke early Friday morning to see that someone had purchased them!!

Then today I was reading a post from a lovely blog that I visit, The Feathered Nest, and Dawn was talking about just that very thing. About how she thinks that it feels so good to be creating. So . . . maybe that was just the push I needed to try my hand at creating again. So . . . be sure and check back at Angel Wings Cottage in the near future as I get to know my "crafty" side again!